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Big Dance Workshop

Reception and Year 1

Big Dance is a fun and gentle book about expressing yourself and joining in, and that's just what we'll be doing when I come to your Reception or Year 1 classes.


I love the energy and interaction that a class of this age gives. I'll read Big Dance in a way that encourages questions and comments, making sure everyone feels heard and seen.

If you have access to Spotify and some speakers, we can do a small warmup dance to the Big Dance playlist! This is a specially curated child-friendly list of music from round the world, geared towards movement, rhythm and expression.


During the rest of the workshop we will focus on;

  • imaginative play with colour and feelings.

  • making a Dancing Mobile, with shapes and characters we'll colour in.

  • admiring each others work.

  • time for one last dance!

Duration is 1 hour, and I can do up to 2 sessions per day per school.


'The children had an opportunity to have Aoife read her book to them which was a sensory experience with children moving around and expressing themselves throughout.'

'Aoife was so positive and motivating through her interactions and praised every child's efforts. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and still enjoy the book in provision and talk about their session with Aoife'

I'd love to come to your school for this fun and creative workshop, please get in touch at for workshop fees and availability.

I am covered with Public Liability Insurance and dbs check is available on request.


**I am taking bookings for the 2024/2025 school year.**


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