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Colours and Feelings Workshop

Over 5s

Yayoi Kusama The Obliteration Room 2002

I was lucky enough to receive Arts Council England Support last year. Part of that support led to this workshop about art for children. It is a workshop about creativity, expressing yourself, and learning about feelings and emotions through colour.

Small children have an incredible instinct for colour, and many have strong ideas about how different colours make them feel. During this workshop I will introduce children to the world of abstract art, from Yayoi Kusama to Joan Miro, from Pablo Picasso to Bridget Riley, and lots more.


We will discuss the art in fun and playful ways, explore different opinions, and ask ourselves;

How this piece of art makes us feel?

What could we do in this piece of art that might not be possible elsewhere? Could we fly?

What does this piece of art sound like?

Would we like to be inside this painting?

What would that feel like?


We will go on to explore our own personal relationship with colour and texture using specially created flash cards of texture, colour and pattern.


Finally, we will experiment with our own artwork, using mark making, colour and texture, to convey different feelings and memories.


This is a playful and collaborative workshop, where feedback from the children guides where the discussion will go. We'll all learn a little about the world of art, about the language of colour, and about our own feelings. It is suitable for ages over 5.

Duration is 1 hour, and I can do up to 2 sessions per day per school.


'The children had an opportunity to have Aoife read her book to them which was a sensory experience with children moving around and expressing themselves throughout.'

'Aoife was so positive and motivating through her interactions and praised every child's efforts. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and still ... talk about their session with Aoife'

I'd love to come to your school for this fun and creative workshop, please get in touch at for workshop fees and availability.

I am covered with Public Liability Insurance and dbs check is available on request.


**I am taking bookings for the 2024/2025 school year.**



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