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The Deer's Cry

These images from 'The Deer's Cry' form part of a personal project, undertaken on the masters stage of the Children's Book Illustration MA course at Anglia Ruskin University. 

My starting point was the 12th century piece of writing known as The Deer's Cry, or St Patrick's Breastplate. The words form a blessing that evokes natural imagery, and I enjoyed taking the piece in to the modern day. I chose small moments at the days beginning, and enjoyed playing with the contrast between modernity and natural beauty. The starting point for the images are observational drawings from my home in West Cork, and locations in London. I wanted to explore the process of bringing on-site drawing information through to final artwork.

The images are made on a lithograph press, with some hand painting and digital finishing. 

All images copyright Aoife Greenham.


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